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BW Recycling Ltd is a Yorkshire-based waste management company, specializing in plastics recycling. The company is currently working with an extensive amount of local and national businesses in different industries, from manufacurers, industrial traders to other recycling collection centres.


BW Recycling Ltd aims to help all individual and business whom consider their role of caring for the environment. We aim to raise the awareness of recycling, and reduce recyclable material pollution. All the materials will be collected and shipped to our factory and it will then be sorted, baled and recycled for making end products. So we can provide our clients a 'closed loop' recycling and waste management solution.


With understanding that all our suppliers and customers are unique and with years of industry experience, the company has built its strengths and reputation of being professional, reliable and efficient. We provide our suppliers with top rebates and reliable collection services, and we provide our customers with high-quality and cost-effective materials.



If you'd like to find out more about how BW Recycling can manage your waste streams in a more cost effective and environmentally sustainable way please feel free to Contact us. We sincerely welcome every opportunity to work with you and your company.




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